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Title[Event] - Dubai Business Associates (DBA) Program
DateMar 19, 2024

Dubai Business Associates (DBA) program – a FULLY FUNDED graduate training programme run under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammad, ruler of Dubai and VP of the UAE. We are now recruiting for the 10th year of the programme commencing in September 2024.
We are reaching out to connect with your esteemed institution, recognizing the calibre of your talents. Your graduates demonstrate the innovative spirit, global perspective, and entrepreneurial drive that the DBA program seeks. We believe DBA is a unique opportunity to your students and alumni.
What is DBA?
Unrivalled Exposure: Participants gain firsthand experience of Dubai's booming business landscape through:
Training: Led by renowned learning partners - PwC Academy, Capadev, and Bon Education.
Real-world consulting projects: with established Dubai companies across key sectors like technology, tourism, aviation and finance.
Leadership Development: The program cultivates critical thinking, analytical skills, and consulting expertise, preparing graduates for impactful careers in Dubai and beyond.about the information session scheduled on upcoming Friday, March 22nd, at 2PM Dubai time (7PM GMT+9). that offers in-depth insights into the program's advantages and application procedures, specifically tailored for selected top universities.
Link to register: https://forms.gle/nk7kaikNkZWvhuZGA
We are attaching the info-session poster for your perusal. We'd be delighted to discuss details if you have questions.

Our Website: https://dubaibusinessassociates.ae/
Application Deadline: 1st April 2024


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