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Introduction to CDC

Career Development Center (CDC)


    The career process is a journey of self-discovery. The CDC fosters active and open-minded collaboration with students during the process. In this supportive environment, GSIS students learn to identify their goals and interests, to manage a complex process, and to make sound and informed decisions about internship and full-time job.

    It's important to note that each student should control the self-assessment, research, application writing, interview and final decision after job offer.  We will help you focus and apply your initiative and energy to take ownership of your career and professional development.

    GSIS students are encouraged to read the CDC guidebook and to use it as a reference throughout the career process. The CDC Guidebook is the user manual to help GSIS students navigate the journey, a comprehensive resource providing key information at various stages of the career cycle including resume writing and interview preparation.

    Perhaps you have identified a clear vision or you may be still exploring the various opportunities. CDC will work with you closely as you upgrade the various skills you need during the interview process.

CDC provides the following career support.


- Individualized Advising

Conduct 1-1 with CDC Senior Advisor Namuh Rhee who has nearly thirty years of industry experience. He will provide personalized mentoring based on your background, experience, interest and objective. Initial meeting will focus on self-assessment, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The follow-up meeting(s) will center on selecting industries/companies that fit with you and devising action plans.


- Resume Coaching

CDC provides coaching on resume - both contents and design - acceptable by professional service industries and international organizations.


- Mock Interviews

Through role-playing and practice interviews that are video-recorded, you can build confidence and prepare for the actual interview. Based on your preference, mock interview could be conducted in English or Korean.


- Information Delivery

Most relevant job information for GSIS students is updated on the:

1) CDC website (via log-in);

2) Facebook ("Yonsei GSIS Careers"); and

3) campus bulletin boards.

CDC website offers vital job information across industries (private, public, NGO and international organizations) and countries all in one convenient place. Most CDC online content and resources require your Yonsei GSIS ID and password for access. Please set-up your GSIS ID and password at the start of school year. Contact CDC (career@yonsei.ac.kr) if you need assistance.


- Lecture Series

Leadership Series: Hear C-level executives or NGO/international organization leaders share experience, describe their organizations

Career Talk: Connect with successful GSIS alumni or industry experts who discuss their career paths, suggest opportunities and answer questions at these informal settings.


- Workshops and Networking Events

Attend workshops with HR leaders on career planning, CV coaching, and interview preparations. Join networking receptions focusing on industry, ethnic background/language, and gender.


- Internship Credit Approval

Under supervision of the CDC Director, CDC manages process - including a formal presentation by student - that grants credit for internship.


- Alumni Service

Even after you graduate Yonsei GSIS, you will continue to have access to CDC career support. If you are returning to work from a career break or changing jobs, the CDC will help you navigate transitions no matter where you are on your career journey. Apart from 1-1 career coaching, the CDC will assist you connect with other alumni.


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