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Beginning of Scholarships

End of Scholarships



Scholarship Number of Students per Semester Qualifications Value per Semester

Incoming Student Award

Not limited

Students with Outstanding Academic   Potential (no application necessary)

Up to 100% of tuition

Dean’s Scholarship

Approx. 20

Min. 4.0/4.3 GPA  (12 Credit Hours)

Up to 100% of tuition

Financial Aid

Approx. 10

Min. 3.5/4.3 GPA (9 Credit Hours)

Up to 50% of tuition

Work-Study Scholarship

Approx. 50

Varies per Position

Up to KRW 6,000,000

Teaching/Research Assistantship

Approx. 30

Coordinated by GSIS Professors

Up to KRW 3,000,000

Ki-Hyun Scholarship

Approx. 2

KSP Students with high GPA and   commitment to KSP program Selected by GSIS

Up to KRW 2,000,000

Internship Scholarship

Approx. 5

Selected by the GSIS Career Development Center

 Up to KRW 2,000,000







Scholarship Qualifications Value per Semester

Korean Government Scholarship Program

International Students Only

Application Necessary

100% of tuition, stipend, etc








 * The external scholarships listed above are only offered during the admissions period.


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