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Master's Degree

Korean Studies [Master of Arts in Korean Studies]   Curriculum

Korean Studies Program (KSP) has become Korea's premier research center and a world authority for studies related to Korean history and culture. The KSP offers programs leading to a Master of Arts in Korean Studies and a Ph.D. in Korean Studies. The highly interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to address the diverse professional and academic objectives of today's students.


International Cooperation [Master of Global Affairs & Policy]   Curriculum

The program in International Cooperation (PIC) trains students to meet the challenges of the ever-changing dynamics of the global environment. This program offers professional education and training in international relations, focusing in areas such as foreign policy, international security, diplomatic history, development, political economy, international law and international organizations. The curriculum is structured to enable students to acquire qualitative and theoretical depth as well as quantitative and practical understanding.


International Trade, Finance & Management [Master of Global Economy & Strategy]   Curriculum

International Trade, Finance, and Management Program(ITFM) offers an innovative and specialized curriculum to train future leaders to fulfill diverse professional and academic needs in the areas of international trade, finance, and management. ITFM emphasizes the ways in which institutions such as national governments, international organizations, and private corporations interact with each other in conducting their trade and investment policies, and international business in various political, economic, cultural and social environments. It is also required that students develop an understanding of other related fields such as international political economy and international cooperation.


Global Civic Studies [Master of Global Civic Studies]   

GSIS is offering a new major, Global Civic Studies (GCS), starting in Spring 2022. The GCS takes an interdisciplinary approach to international studies, with a focus on international cooperation, ethical thinking, and global civic duties. The GCS has two distinct programs, one taught in Korean (plus English, Chinese, and Japanese) and another in Mandarin.

国际学研ϼ将2022Ҵ开开设专业即Ϲ课(GCS)GCS Υ学Ρ۰进国际研ϼ关国际¡Գ维Ϲ责GCS 两个课个韩语ʥ߾语语课另个课

2022 3 Ǵ ۷ιù(Global Civic Studies) پ Ͽ л ȭ 2.0 ô뿡 ɸ´ ۷ι ° ǰ ÿ ֵ ϴ ǥ ϰֽϴ. GCS ѱ(ٱ) Ǵ ۷ιù ߱ Ǵ ۷ιùΰ ֽϴ.

1) ۷ιùΰ߰ (ѱ ߽ ٱ )
(Ϲ课, Global Citizenship and Human Development Program)

۷ιùΰ߰ Ӱɰ, ε, ƽþ ° ̽ ַ ٷ ٱ Դϴ. ѱ ߽ Ǹ ϸ, , ߱, Ϻ پ Ŀŧ Բ մϴ. (2022 б 2021 б ۵˴ϴ.) 

2) Ϲ课 (课/߱)
(۷ιù°, Global Citizenship and Cooperation Program)   




Degree Requirements

  • 48 credits or 42 credits plus Master's thesis
    * Students with a minimum GPA of 3.7 or above for the first two enrolled semesters (must be full-time) may choose the thesis option.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 or above
  • Completion of the GSIS Core Courses (passed or waived)
  • Completion of the Course Requirements of the Program (Only applicable to Korean Studies)
  • Completion of the Field of Concentration: Choose one (1) field under your major and take four (4) courses from the particular field (Not applicable to GCS)
  • At least two years (i.e. four semesters) of full-time enrollment
  • Completion of all requirements within 8 semesters
  • Foreign Language Requirements
    * For Korean Studies majors, the Korean Language Examination or Level 4 of the Korean Language and Communication course should be passed.
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