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The non-degree program is designed for prospective students wishing to attend the GSIS for a maximum of two semesters. Non-degree prospective students undergo the same application process and admissions requirements as the full time degree students.

Students admitted to the non-degree program must register as full time students and, may elect to take up to four courses or 12 credit hours per semester for a maximum of two semesters. Non-degree students wishing to transfer to a degree program may receive a maximum of 12 credit hours. Graduating non-degree students will receive a Certificate of Study upon completion of:

1. 4 courses from a chosen program
2. At least 18 credit hours of course work

The non-degree tuition is the same as that of full-time degree students, and affords the non-degree students access to all courses and facilities available to the degree students. Non-degree students are not eligible for scholarships or allowed to take a leave of absence from school. If you wish to pursue a Master's or Ph.D. program at Yonsei GSIS after completing one or two semester of our Non-Degree program, you need to go through the same application process as other applicants. If you are admitted to a degree program, you may transfer up to 12 credits that you earned from the non-degree program, which can shorten the required period of study.


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