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Dual Degree

1. Name of University (Country name): Keio University (Japan)

Keio University is the oldest and most highly rated private university in Japan. Its history dates back to the formation of a school for Dutch studies in 1858. The Graduate School of Media and Governance is located in the university’s Shonan Fujisawa campus.

2. Dual degree programme: Master of Media and Governance

The Graduate School of Media and Governance offers eight different programs that include four English-based and four Japanese-based programs. The students are expected to learn new methodologies, pursue specialised research, and gain expertise by joining one of the eight programs.
(1) English-based programs: Human Security and Communication (HC), Environmental Design and
                                          Governance (EG), Cyber Informatics (CI), Systems Biology (BI)
(2) Japanese-based programs: Global Governance and Regional Strategy (GR), Policy Making and
                                             Social Innovation (PS), Cognition, Sense-Making and Biophysical
                                             Skills (CB), X-Design (XD)

For further information on each program, see the link below.

3. General Information

(1) Admission Criteria
     - Students registered in the first or second semester of the GSIS
     - Students with a valid Japanese language certificate for Japanese-based programs
     - Students who are recommended by the program chair
     - Students who are physically healthy
     - Students who have not received any disciplinary action
     - Students who have no problem obtaining a Japanese visa
     - Students who meet all other conditions specified in the dual degree agreement
     - Thesis is compulsory if student takes dual degree program
(2) Admission schedule
     - Website announcement: Every April and October
     - Available date: Every semester
(3) Required documents
     - An application form (Format will be posted on GSIS website)
     - Study plan
     - Official transcript from undergraduate and graduate school
     - 4 copies of passport size photo
     - Japanese or English language proficiency
     - Recommendation letter from program chair and other professional or academic references
(4) Application process
     - Nomination process among Yonsei University candidates 
     - Candidates who passed the first screening submit the documents to Keio University
     - Final nomination process of Keio University

4. Tuition, Scholarship and length of visit

(1) Tuition
     - Pay a tuition fee at Yonsei University not Keio University
     - If student wants to continue his or her study at Keio University after 4th semester, he or she 
       needs to make a payment at Keio University.
(2) Scholarship
     - Keio University provides ¥700,000 amount of living cost support
(3) Length of visit
     - One semester (up to two semesters)
     - Students can stay more than two semesters but he or she needs to make a Keio full tuition fee
       payment in that case.

     * The four semesters at Keio University must be complete, which should include the semester(s) in which students are dispatched from Yonsei University. (Once you acquire the diploma of Yonsei GSIS, it is impossible to achieve that of Keio University at the same time. The other one/two semester(s) at Keio after the dispatched semester(s) should be enrolled in Keio University directly.) Due to the various cases depending on which semester a student is dispatched, we strongly encourage you to run this by Yonsei GSIS Office.


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