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Student Activities

The Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The Graduate Student Association is an independent, student-organized, and student-run organization. Membership is open to all students at Yonsei GSIS. The purpose of the GSA is to represent and give voice to all the GSIS students on campus. The GSA aims for more effective participation of the students in all aspects of student life. The GSA is based on the principle that GSIS students should be informed about, and take part in, all decisions which affect them. To accomplish these goals, the GSA helps keep graduate students informed of what is happening at Yonsei GSIS. At the same time, the GSA serves as a forum in which the issues which affect students can be discussed. When key issues and areas for improvement are identified, the GSA serves as a representative and advocator for the point of view of the graduate students to the administration, faculty, and other segments of the university community.

NOVAsia (http://novasiagsis.com/)

NOVAsia is the pioneering student-run news magazine of Yonsei GSIS which accentuates regional perspectives but with a definite global twist. NOVAsia stems from nova, which is the Latin word for “new,” and Asia or “New Asia.” NOVAsia is not a traditional newsletter. Rather, it is a sounding board for contrasting and even contending voices even as it highlights the school’s achievements. The ultimate goal of NOVAsia is to make the magazine appeal not only to students, alumni, and future applicants but also to general readers worldwide. Over time, the editors of NOVAsia believe that the magazine will become synonymous with ground-breaking discourses on a range of issues pertinent to the future of Asia and the broader global village.


Yonsei Journal of International Studies (http://theyonseijournal.com/)

The Yonsei Journal of International Studies (YJIS) is an academic journal managed by students at the Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University. YJIS is the first scholarly journal to be peer reviewed and published by graduate students in English in Korea. The journal is geared primarily for graduate students in Korea and around the globe, but is also open to junior academics. Each issue seeks to cover a wide-range of issues in the field of international studies, though some issues are specifically tailored to a specific theme. There are four sections in total. The journal publishes papers, essays, book reviews and interviews. The papers section is for longer pieces that adhere to academic methodology and provide a unique contribution to the literature; the essays section is for short articles that are more argumentative in style and more editorial in prose; and the reviews section provides a space for critiques of popular publications, usually a recently published book. Starting with the Fall 2010 issue, the YJIS staff has also been conducting interviews with leading scholars to get their unique insight on important issues. The ultimate aim of YJIS is three-pronged: to provide an opportunity for Yonsei GSIS students to manage and participate in the process of editing and publishing, to open an additional avenue for graduate students and junior academics to publish their work and to reinforce and build upon the reputation of the GSIS at Yonsei University.

YJIS was formerly known as Papers, Essays and Reviews (PEAR), but in the Fall of 2012 changed its name to the one currently used.



The Debate Society

The Debate Society was founded in the fall of 2008 as one of the key outlets for student activities with a special focus on acquiring and improving core analytical and debating skills. The Debate Society organizes regular debating competitions and training sessions which focus both on the form and substance of debate. Developing the skills of persuasion, reasoning and improvisation in a competitive yet informal environment helps students to become better prepared for the job market in addition to sharpening their understanding of contentious and often times complex issues. Through its activities, the Debate Society hopes to make on-going contributions to better enable its members to articulate more clearly their thoughts and values in an era of increasingly diverse, transnational, multifaceted, and complex issues.


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